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Our Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting

We offer our expertise in small business bookkeeping and accounting to keep your books professionally organized and continuously updated. Focus on what you do best and let us provide you with reliable actionable intelligence.

IT Support

Whatever computer-related needs your business might have, we can help: build or maintain your network, solve hardware or software problems, build websites and applications, or anything else.


Based on the accounting data, we can help you design and generate reports, which will enable you to quickly and correctly identify any opportunity or threat, timely make necessary decisions, take actions, and maintain control of your business.


Our team possesses years upon years of academic training and practical business experience in strategy, marketing, supply chain management, IT, HR, finance, etc. We can help you find the right answers, formulate the optimal strategies, achieve your business vision and your personal goals.


We can help you solve any short-term or long-term capital needs of your business using our own funds, arranging private or bank loans, and utilizing our network of angel investors, VCs, and investment banks.


Through our partnership with BenefitMall, we offer state of the art payroll processing and benefits administration at a fraction of the cost of Paychex or ADP.